Who we are

Welcome to EMC Consultants.  Since its establishment in 2004 EMC has been supporting stakeholders, clients and organizations across East Africa and beyond attain and realize their business goals efficiently, cost-effectively and with the minimum of environmental and social impact.  It is our conviction and hope that our mission, vision, capability, expertise and work ethic will encourage and endear you to trust us with your business.

Our 12 years of experience in risk management, consulting, training and integrated management systems and compliance is your organization’s key to success. Having completed countless assignments for large and small organizations internationally, EMC Consultants enables clients to become responsible and compliant in these areas and in doing so improve their performance. Environment Health and Safety and Economic Sustainability are our guiding principles.



Roads & Infrastructure

Detailed Review of RAP for Kisumu – Kakamega – Kitale – Webuye Road – Kenya Transport Sector Support Project (KTSSP)

Hydropower Engineering

Review and update of ESIAs/RAPs and For National Urban Transport Improvement Project (NUTRIP)


Environmental and Social Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan for Rwanda Urgent Electricity Rehabilitation Project (UERP)

Conventional Power

Review and Update of ESIA and RAP for ALL One Stop Border Post (OSBP) in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania under East Africa Trade and Facilitation Program (EATTFP)

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