Air Quality

Whether you are a commercial, industrial or government facility, you face the challenge of complying with air quality requirements while reducing operational costs and risks. Understanding the myriad requirements of Air Emission Regulations — addressing acid rain, urban pollution, and toxic air emissions — and their applicability to both small and large industries can be overwhelming.

Kenya has developed air emission regulations a demonstration and reflection of the expanding role air quality plays in our lives.  It can directly influence land portfolio valuations, master plan designs and even the success of planning applications.

The Kenyan and Eastern Africa industries are faced with an increasingly complex range of regulations, legislation and guidance.  In addition to air quality regulations, industrial operators are now subjected to stringent emissions trading schemes.

At EMC, our thorough understanding of air quality issues, range of technical experts and extensive project portfolio provide us with the insight to assist you in gaining commercial advantage and operational flexibility.

Our knowledge of air quality regulations and permitting programs — along with our experience working with federal, state and local agencies — allows us to quickly and efficiently obtain permit approval.  We are proficient at identifying sources of air emissions and quantifying the results using engineering principals and, as appropriate, emission factors.

We provide compliance development, auditing, emissions inventories, and reporting to appropriate regulatory agencies. We are also at the forefront of emerging efforts related to GHG emissions.

EMC Consultants have a team of air quality experts who provide tailor made, top-quality solutions to any location.  In addition, our experts couple their scientific qualifications with industry experience to deliver value-added solutions to your business.

EMC’s experts will help you navigate air quality regulatory processes and create programs that are efficient and compliant. Our experts are well-versed in federal, state, and local permitting and compliance processes.  Among our staff are recognized experts in programs ranging from the Acid Rain Program and Clean Air Interstate Rule to the NOx Budget Program and greenhouse gases (GHG).

We understand the regulatory environment. We understand your business. And, most importantly, we are experts with our monitoring tools and evaluation devices.

With a portfolio of projects from a range of clients, our industry experience includes property and construction, transport and infrastructure, including aviation, road, rail, ports and oil and gas. We are well prepared to deliver the results you need.

Our Services

  • Long-term permit maintenance
  • Strategic data management
  • Air quality assessments for Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Audit program development and comprehensive onsite audits
  • Odour dispersion modelling and measurement (for example, near waste generation facilities, properties located near odour generating sources);
  • Workplace/occupational exposure monitoring and assessment;
  • Air quality neutral assessments;
  • Cost-benefit analysis, and air pollution damage costs appraisal;
  • Boundary dust monitoring at demolition/construction sites to fulfill planning conditions;
  • Indoor air quality assessments (homes, offices etc.) to investigate sickness symptoms;
  • Large scale industrial plants emissions modelling, air quality monitoring, and assessments to inform permit applications/permit variation applications;
  • Road traffic emissions modelling, for example, to inform planning applications/EIA studies;
  • Assessment for credits – indoor air quality plans and testing for new builds;
  • Industrial emissions modelling (CHP plants, Energy Centres) and stack height appraisal;
  • Ambient air quality monitoring of a variety of air pollutants to support planning and permitting applications;
  • Advise on policy matters, including Low Emission Strategies;
  • Review of planning applications submitted, for example, to local councils;
  • Due diligence support;
  • Expert witness and legal support;
  • Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects – air quality support (Wind Farms, Large Energy Installations); and
  • Radioactive material releases (for example, waste incineration plants) – modelling and air quality appraisal assessments.

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