Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Developing a dialogue with your stakeholders is critical for project success.  By engaging with the greater community, organizations can better identify the environmental and social issues that matter most for their business.

Successfully engaging stakeholders and the community is crucial for business and for projects.  EMC can help you to proactively engage with stakeholders and the community and deliver realistic outcomes. Our approach can enhance your reputation, minimize project risks and develop effective working relationships with stakeholders and the community.

Our experienced stakeholder and social management consultants can work with your organization to:

  • Create transparent lines of communication with stakeholders
  • Improve access to decision-making processes
  • Develop integrated and comprehensive social and stakeholder solutions for complex policy issues
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of community engagement and social assessment
  • Improve the management of community, social and stakeholder risks
  • Enhance your capacity to innovate project development and delivery
  • Streamline policy and program development processes
  • Provide realistic outcomes that meet project and community needs
  • Increase community confidence in project delivery
  • Identify greater opportunities to contribute directly to social policy and program development.

EMC’s consultants are experienced in all aspects of stakeholder engagement including:

EMC offers comprehensive, integrated stakeholder engagement services that can cover all stages of a project, from conception through to post-operation, including

  • Identifying key statutory and non-statutory stakeholders (including project affected communities and project affected people
  • Developing stakeholder engagement plans and activities appropriate for the various stakeholders
  • Developing grievance mechanisms in line with country and international standards
  • Developing stakeholder databases that can track and report on communication trails, including for grievances
  • Analyzing stakeholders in terms of impacts of projects on stakeholders and risks to company reputation
  • Creating professional communication materials

EMC has proven expertise in managing community and other stakeholder expectations, and in facilitating community involvement, even in conflict situations.  Our experience includes presenting communication strategies to critical stakeholders such as legislative agencies, financial backers and potential site purchasers, and building bridges with local groups through community engagement.

Our experienced stakeholder and community consultation consultants lead consultation strategies at both the planning and construction implementation stages of infrastructure projects. This contributes to timely project approvals and effective management of Conditions of Approval while also protecting client reputation.

Our experienced stakeholder and community consultation consultants can work with your organization to:

  • Successfully plan and execute communication and consultation activities
  • Proactively and effectively manage issues and the media
  • Develop comprehensive social research and social impact assessments
  • Effectively deliver communication and e-solution tools and resources
  • Facilitate collaborative workshops and information sessions
  • Consult with key stakeholders, landowners and the community
  • Establish and maintain feedback and enquiry protocols and systems including phone, mail, email and online
  • Improve database management solutions and reporting
  • Create tailored surveys and analyse the results.

We have experience in working with a range of stakeholders including:

  • Indigenous groups
  • Regulators
  • Landowners
  • Community interest groups
  • Elected representatives
  • Media

We also help clients by incorporating stakeholder input into project design, thereby reducing social and environmental impacts, ensuring our clients achieve a social licence to operate.

Other communication services

  • Technical writing

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