Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

In the African region, as is the case globally, (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) is a MANDATORY requirement for major development projects.  Preparation of ESIA reports is often undertaken in accordance with the requirements of international finance institutions, to gain national permits to operate and secure financing.

At EMC, we are cognizant that an ESIA report is much more than just a technical document.  It leads to the development of often legally binding commitments based on and enshrined in an environmental and social management plan (ESMP).  This is a living document that develops over the life of the project and is often independently monitored. In this way, it is a developer’s technical environmental and social assessment of a project and a key element of corporate social responsibility and, ultimately, of a company’s licence to operate.

AT EMC, we have extensive experience in the production of ESIAs and ESMPs for international oil and gas projects, and other industries, including renewables, mining and infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive range of ESIA-related services from screening through scoping studies to full impact assessments and mitigation, stakeholder engagement, development and monitoring of ESMPs, commitment register databases and disclosure processes.

We offer an integrated approach that covers all aspects of environmental and social baselining, and impact assessment. We incorporate such key elements as biodiversity assessment and offsets, human rights and health issues, and critical habitat and ecosystem services assessments.

Stakeholder engagement and disclosure processes are at the heart of ESIA and EMC’s projects team has wide experience of these across a diverse range of countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Somaliland and DRC.

Our Services

  • Baseline and feasibility studies
  • Screening and scoping reports
  • Resettlement and livelihood restoration issues and planning
  • Environmental and Social Management Frameworks
  • Resettlement Policy Frameworks
  • Indigenous Peoples Policy Frameworks-Vulnerable
  • Integrated Pest Management Frameworks
  • Environmental and Social Management Plans
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Indigenous Peoples Plans
  • Pest Management Plans
  • Physical and biological environment baseline studies and reporting
  • Socio-economic and cultural heritage baseline studies and reporting
  • Marine environment baseline studies and reporting, and impact assessments
  • Ecological and biodiversity baseline studies and reporting
  • Critical habitat assessments and offsetting
  • Ecosystem services assessments
  • Human rights and human health assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement plans and implementation
  • Environmental and social impact assessments and cumulative impact assessments and reporting
  • Environment and social management plans and systems

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