Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance

Do you want your project delayed? This may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but if you’re not taking the steps to ensure environmental compliance during your project, you’re indirectly saying “Yes.”

If your project may have some type of environmental impact, it is critical to proactively work with consultants who can help you prevent obstacles or work through them. From construction monitoring, to site inspections on an as-needed basis, to full environmental protection plans, EMC’s environmental compliance services ensure that you meet project deadlines while adhering to the regulatory requirements associated with your project.

Are you meeting the standards set for your business?

At EMC, we have in-depth knowledge of national and local regulatory requirements, management systems and effective company-wide auditing techniques to meet the needs of your audit or review.  Understanding the compliance and permitting requirements in your industry can be challenging.

Our experience spans a range of audit types, from assisting with the completion of an organization’s internal audit programme and compliance evaluation, and formal supplier and contractor EHS compliance audits through to detailed legal compliance evaluation audits.

For compliance audits, we start by examining your current situation to ensure your sites or projects are compliant with current environmental, health and safety (EHS) legislation. Next, our team undertakes internal procedures checks to ensure that your project is being run in accordance with your internal rules and regulations.  At the final stage, we work with you to develop effective controls and strategies to assist with the implementation of the necessary changes to assure compliance.

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