Environmental Management Systems

The demands of Environmental Regulation means that it makes eminent sense to have an Environmental Management System in place. Not only does this demonstrate a desire to manage in an environmentally sensitive manner, but will also help the relationship with an organisations environmental regulators-usually the Environment Agency. By demonstrating intent to manage in an environmentally sound way, in the event that something does go wrong, it may be possible to limit the liability, and whilst insurers are reluctant to reduce premiums, they may not increase them.

However, with many companies wanting to demonstrate Continuous Improvement, there is a growing move to encourage suppliers to demonstrate their environmental performance, and it is becoming more common for customers to require their suppliers to prove their environmental credentials. EMC Ltd can help develop Environmental Management Systems to satisfy those requirements. In addition, where systems are required as a consequence of an Environmental or IPPC Permit, we can help with the development and management of those systems.

It is also worth noting that it is often said that a sound Environmental System can help with cost savings. It is not unknown for companies to be able to demonstrate at least a 10% saving on waste alone.

For many years now our qualified and talented Environmental Consultants have been providing environmental risk management services for organisations throughout East Africa.

Changing environmental legislation and regulatory measures introduce new environmental and financial challenges. Does your business have the systems in place to handle these adjustments?

EMC has 12 years of experience of designing and implementing environmental management systems (EMS) and works with you to develop practical, legally compliant management systems that align environmental, health, and safety issues with your business objectives and processes. All systems and their delivery, hosting and implementation are tailored to suit your needs.

Implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) can be expensive, challenging and time consuming. It can also distract key people from their regular day-to-day tasks. To minimize disruptions to your business, EMC offers a broad range of practical solutions to assist you in implementing an EMS that meets the specific needs of your business as well as the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

About Our Environmental Management Systems

Our EMSs are quickly and efficiently developed

Our approach is to develop high quality environmental management systems efficiently. An environmental management system we develop can be ready for use in 5 days and 100% ready for ISO 14001 certification in an additional 7 days.

Our EMSs are effective & easy-to-use

We draw upon our extensive knowledge, understanding and experience when developing high quality ISO 14001 compliant environmental management systems. They are never overburdened with unnecessary documents or requirements, and are streamlined for easy implementation.

We provide complimentary advice during implementation

To reduce the stress and workload burden for employees we provide clear step-by-step instructions for implementation and upkeep requirements. We also offer clients assistance via phone or email during implementation at no additional cost.

We address environmental legal compliance

When we develop an environmental management system we also include a comprehensive legal review, in plain English and in a user-friendly format. This review is based on the organisation’s environmental risk and incorporates any requirements into environmental management system documentation.

Competitively priced services throughout East Africa

Being independent we don’t have all the overheads expected from a traditional consultancy, and because we’re experts we can quickly and effectively provide our services, which allows us to provide a competitively priced service.

Our EMS experts and compliance teams work across East Africa and are available to help you address a range of issues.  Our EMS services can include:


Gap Analyses and Assessments


Implementation Support Programs


EMS Maintenance & Improvement Program


Compliance audits, surveys and inspections


Environmental due diligence


Environmental legal register development and update


EMS compliance


ISO 14001 environmental management system development


Environmental Auditing


Environmental report verification


Legislation counsel


Resource efficiency


Waste management.


Legislative compliance services, including EMC’s web-based legal portal, which enables regular updating of legal registers and compliance obligations and tracking of compliance evaluations and status


Internal auditing services as part of an audit programme or a pre-certification audit

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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance

Environmental Due Diligence

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Environmental Management Systems

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