Consultancy to Undertake Annual Environmental, Social, Health and Safety Review at TDB Offices

Name of Client:

Trade and Development Bank


Kenya | Burundi | Mauritius | Harare

Contract Period:

July 2017 – September 2017

Actual Description of Services:

EMC was to undertake an annual Environmental Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Risk review of the Bank’s transactions and also provide recommendations on area that may be updated in the existing Environmental and Social Management System currently being implemented by the Bank as part of the annual ESMS Policy review.

Scope of Work.

  1. A Desktop review of the transactions and which will also include gaining an understanding of the existing ESMS policy and procedures.
  2. Undertake a Desktop of key ESHS compliance documents submitted by the various clients in line with the requirements of the Bank’s ESMS.
  3. Review and Evaluate the adequacy of existing ESHS studies including but not limited to ESHS impact assessments and audits undertaken.
  4. Examine compliance documents, project licenses and permits are in accordance with applicable ESHS legislation.
  5. Review Management Programmes and Management Systems and follow up on implementation to-date and assess the aspects against the Banks ESMS.
  6. Review whether capacity and management structures implemented by clients to address environmental and social impacts are feasible and appropriate.
  7. For selected category 1 and 2 investments undertake a comprehensive ESHS  assessment against the Bank’s ESMS and all relevant environmental, social, health and safety legislation and standards.
  8. Assess on-site conditions through site visits to the selected transactions taking into consideration all environmental,social,health and safety conditions.
  9. Identify key ESHS risks and advise the Bank and the client on the extent of the risks and mitigation measures to be implemented to minimize the risk.
  10. Identify gaps in Environmental,Social,Health and Safety (ESHS) capacity of financed operations and suggest ways of addressing the gaps.
  11. High-Level review of the existing Environmental and Social Management System currently being implemented by the Bank with the view of recommending any areas that require updating as part of the annual review of the Policy.

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