Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for 15MW Coal Energy Plant

Name of Client:

National Cement Company Limited/Devki Steel Company Limited/IFC


Merrueshi, Kajiado County, Kenya



Narrative Description of Project

National Cement Company Limited is establishing a Cement Manufacturing Plant in Merrueshi, Kajiado including a clinker manufacture facility and a limestone quarry-greenfield.  It requires energy for the clinker manufacture plant and has received resources from IFC to construct a 15MW Coal Energy Plant to supply energy to the clinker manufacture plant via the injection of the same into the national grid.

Services Provided by the Firm Staff.

EMC undertook Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the proposed project according to best international practice, as required by the terms of the company’s project-specific. The process to complete the ESIA through public participation and technical evaluation by specialists took about 10 weeks. Some of the potential issues that were looked into included Public Health and safety, Air pollution, Wastes management, Noise pollution, Water resource pollution and Water abstraction.  Studies that were done included Air quality: emissions would be generated around the project area, from the coal stacks during operations and construction of the foundation. There will also be gaseous emissions such as sculpture dioxide,

Carbon dioxide, vehicle exhaust fumes and hydrocarbons. An air quality study will be done to assess the potential impacts of the proposed project on the air quality and to design any necessary emissions control systems and noise and vibration.

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