Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Extraction of Gas and Electric Power Production in Karongi District: Kivu Watt Project

Name of Client:

Contour GLobal Inc, USA


Lake Kivu, in Kibuye, Rwanda



Narrative Description of Project.

Contour Global a US Energy Company that has energy investments in various countries has acquired Lake Kivu methane gas concessions from the government to start extractions on the high scale. This project intends to develop the methane resources contained in the lake while at the same time reducing the risk of a potentially serious environmental incident.

Services provided by the firm staff:

Contour Global has contracted EMC Consultants Ltd to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the methane gas extraction from Lake Kivu and the power production using methane gas. Following services were performed:


    Undertake environmental analysis and evaluation


    Develop an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that will encompass a monitoring schedule.


    Highlight all anticipated impacts and their areas of occurrence and provide the mitigation measures to be undertaken and the duration within which such measures are to be instituted.


    Discuss measures that will be taken to address social impacts and the grievance mechanism that will be used by the project.

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