Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Land Acquisition Compensation Framework (LACF) for Reconstruction and Strengthening of Productive Infrastructure and Value Chains Across a Displacement – Affected Region in South Sudan

Name of Client:

Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) | KfW


South Sudan



The Project Objectives is to Support urban centres and their rural producing peripheries along the Yambio-Juba axis to meet their productive potential and increase food supply in a displacement-affected region of South Sudan.  As part of ACTED’s EMERGE approach, ACTED will construct productive infrastructure to strengthen agricultural value chains across the targeted areas focusing on traditional cereal crops (e.g., maize and sorghum) and bespoke high potential products (e.g., mangoes, pineapples, and lemons).

Infrastructure to be constructed include:


2 large-scale agro-warehousing facilities (1,500 MT capacity) in the urban centres of Maridi and Ibba, which will both include storage and processing facilities for cereal crop produce.


6 small/medium scale agro-warehousing facilities (600 MT capacity) in the most productive peripheries around Maridi, which will also include storage and processing capabilities


2 fruit processing facilities in Maridi and Yambio equipped with juicing, drying, packaging, and storing facilities 1 honey processing facility in Ibba County that will enable the local processing, packaging, and storage of honey to strengthen the local value chain.

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EMC Consultants was engaged by ACTED to prepare the ESMF and LACF for the project in South Sudan.

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