Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects.

Name of Client:

World Bank and Ministry of Finance (MOF) Kenya, Financial and Legal Sector Technical Assistance Project (FLSTAP)





Narration of the Project:

The Financial and Legal Sector Technical Assistance Project (FLSTAP) is a government project under Kenya’s Ministry of Finance, co-funded by the World Bank (IDA) and the UK’s DFID. The project is composed of seven components as listed below:

  1. Financial and Legal Sector Strategy Development
  2. Restructuring and Privatization of Financial Institutions
  3. Strengthening Financial Sector Regulators and the Deposit Protection fund Board,
  4. Strengthening Debt Management and Debt Markets
  5. Modernizing the National Payment Systems
  6. Improving the Lending Environment
  7. Legal and Judicial Reform

Component 4 of FLSTAP focuses on Strengthening Debt Management and Debt Markets through the provision of Technical Assistance to the Central Bank of Kenya’s Domestic Debt Department and Ministry of Finance’s Debt Management Department and the Investment Secretary’s Department. In light of the constraints on public finances, a critical function of the Investment Secretary’s office is the identification of alternative sources of financing to help bridge this financing gap and to increase efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure facilities and services. The Government of Kenya (GOK) subsequently plans for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to play a major role in Kenya’s infrastructure investment program. FLSTAP proposes to support the implementation of a Private Public Partnership framework through the preparation of an environmental and social management framework (ESMF) for Public Private Partnership projects.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff Within the Assignment:

EMC Consultants is prepared environmental and social screening, which  permits the institutions in charge of the implementation of the project to identify, assess and mitigate the environmental and social impacts of the proposed PPP intervention. The ESMF also determines the institutional measures to be taken during the program implementations, including those relating to capacity building.

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