Environmental Management Plan and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Birembo Substation -Urgent Electricity Rehabilitation Project (UERP) Rwanda

Name of Client:

Tullow BV Kenya


Turkana, Kenya



Actual Description of Services:

Operatorship of Block 11A was passed from EHRC to CEPSA in February 2014.  BGP was contracted under EHRC to conduct seismic activities in the block, and CEPSA has retained BPG for the same services. CEPSA is planning to assume operating control of oil and gas exploration activities in Block 11A in the Northwest of the Turkana region of Kenya.  Due to complex historic, social, political, and environmental conditions in the project area, robust environmental and social impacts assessment, mitigation and management will be required in order to comply with CEPSA corporate policy as well as Good International Industry Practice

Services Provided by the Firm Staff.

EMC is association with Align Environment worked in preparing Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Social Assessment for this project.  EMC Consultants (EMC), in partnership with Align

Environment and Risk was requested to by CEPSA to prepare an environmental and social risk analysis report (ESRA) in order to identify and assess significant environmental or social constraints, or critical issues, which may be encountered during the course of project activities.  With proper planning, security and compliance; risks presented by these critical issues may be avoided or minimized through modifications in project approach and implementation (e.g. strategic HSE planning, environmental and social management systems, capacity building, etc.)

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